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Yoga means UNION.

The practice of Integral Yoga is perfect for beginners, we teach an introduction to meditation , breathing (pranayama ) and the correct technique of the Asanas (postures), we adapt the intensity of the class to the group level , always following the teachings of the great Guru Tirumali Krishnamacharia.

The practice of Integral Yoga frees the mind from daily stress, by combining the movements with breathing. Relaxes, tones, and corrects imbalances in the body through the correct practice of asanas.


Fears of a beginner:

Flexibility is gradually generating, the objective of this practice is not put your foot behind your head, this is a consequence. Moreover, not because some one is more flexible is a better practitioner.
Integral is ideal for any age. Breathing and postures can always be adapted to the different body tipes and vital state.



Same way that it is better to brush your teeth every day that only two times a week, it is preferable to do Yoga everyday 30 minutes than a single day 4 hours.

  • Do not eat 2 to 3 hours before practice and should preferably be done on an empty stomach.
  • Do not drink water during practice as it stops the processor purification, if possible not drink half an hour before practice even half an hour later.
  • It is recommended to practice with comfortable clothes and a towel.

According to the ancient scriptures of Patanjali, the only one who can do Yoga is LAZY. If you have motivation, 'You have half the practice done !!!

This class is recommended for students seeking a more gentle and meditative practice; It is within the reach of all levels and physical abilities.

The practitioner gains control of the senses and consciousness of his being. Consequently, the body will heal and bring peace to the mind.